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Shoulder pain keeping you from exercising

April 14, 2020

Many of my clients come to me with shoulder problems, especially if they are over 50 years old. All the years of putting stress on the shoulder either by work or exercising with weights have cause problems with Rotator Cuff and joints. 

Many times leading to surgery and layoff from exercising which leads to weight gain, loss of strength and getting out of shape.
One of my recent clients came to me with shoulder pain and because of it had not exercises for the last 4 months, gained weight and became completely out shape. After initial consultation I put a customized program based on his capabilities and limitations including a shoulder rehab program to strengthen and alleviate pain. My client is doing much better now and strength starting to increase.

For more questions email me at lguerra.fitness@gmail.com and I will get the video to you.


“Get the video and Try this exercises it could help you alleviate if not eliminate the pain, like it help many of my clients.”