50 plus training

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Strength training is essential for maintaining muscle mass, bone density, and overall health as we age. However, as we get older, it’s important to approach strength training differently than we would in our younger years. Our strength training program is designed specifically for individuals who are 50 years or older and takes into account the unique challenges and needs of this age group. The program includes a combination of resistance training exercises using weight machines and free weights to target all major muscle groups. Our trainers will work with you to design an individualized program that meets your fitness goals and physical capabilities. They will provide you with proper form and technique instruction to ensure your safety and maximize your results. With regular participation in our strength training program, you will see an improvement in your muscle mass, bone density, Body Composition and overall strength. You will have more energy, feel better, and be able to enjoy your daily activities with more ease and comfort. Sign up today and take the first step towards a stronger, healthier you.

Our training programs are experienced, created, and developed to give you the best results.